A Communication and Dissemination Plan for the Next Generation of Renewable Energy by Exploiting Microalgae Capabilities

Contact: Belén Benito García

The COP26 world summit was recently held in Glasgow with the aim of reaching a global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions and alleviating the problem of global warming. One of the priorities of this summit is to ensure that clean power is the most attractive option for new power generation in all the participating countries and to support countries in making an equitable transition away from coal. PRODIGIO project is part of the solution by enhancing the potential of microalgae as source of green and renewable energy.

The result derived from the project would be beneficial to the environment and it will contribute to reduce greenhouse emissions. The project partners are committed to producing viable and useful results for this 3-year EU-funded project. We are excited to share with you how essential this project is for our food and feed.

Which are the main goals we have set ourselves?

We, IDConsortium, together with the rest of project partners, are committed to:

  • reaching the broadest possible public when sharing the benefits of microalgae as source of biomass and biogas;
  • arousing interest in the project and in its technology;
  • raising awareness of how to best tackle global warming issues and
  • highlighting how the technology will be beneficial to the environment.

How do we arouse public’s interest about the project?

This type of project is sometimes hard to communicate to the general public because of its technical nature. However, that's a big challenge that we are willing to tackle head-on! The project is basically about enhancing the potential of microalgae as a source of clean energy by identifying early warning signals on microalgae communities. We are still in the early stage of this research project, but we would like the public to understand that this project is an innovative solution to the waste management problem.


We plan to...                          

Our main objective is giving visibility to the project results in research organisations and other stakeholders through communication,  dissemination and exploitation actions, such as:

1. communicating knowledge and results achieved in PRODIGIO through internal and external communication within the consortium partners, the European Commission and the stakeholders and

2. managing the information generated by the project for the consortium in a fair and transparent manner while supporting the adequate knowledge transfer to the stakeholders (e.g. research organisations, private companies, etc.).

To achieve this, we will:

  • host workshops addressed to interested stakeholders;
  • invite policymakers and EU institution officials to events, meetings and conferences;

  • organize events with our scientists and researchers;

  • produce attractive and educational videos about our work;

  • create informative marketing materials and

  • post exciting social media content to keep you up-to-date about our work.

The project consortium is comprised of incredible and talented researchers, scientists and consultants contributing to achieve the project goals and to produce its expected results. Since the project will evolve over the coming months, we will continue sharing exciting updates and results with you.

So please follow us to be informed!


This article has been written by Álvaro Tamayo, IDConsortium.

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About Prodigio Project

PRODIGIO is an EU-funded project that plan to establish a base of knowledge for the development of system failure prediction technologies that increase the performance of microalgae production and anaerobic digestion systems and advance towards more favourable techno-economic, environmental and social performance to achieve more sustainable microalgae biogas. The project aims to decode the triggers, identify early-warnings, define threshold values, and calculate warning times for critical state transitions in bioreactors. The technology behind the project could contribute to increasing resource and energy efficiencies >50% throughout the production chain, which would translate into OPEX savings and GHG emissions reduction. The results of the project will pave the way for moving the entire microalgae biogas production chain efficiently towards its theoretical maximum, enabling the development of a fully integrated and truly sustainable microalgae biogas production industry and contributing to strengthening the EU's leadership in renewable fuel technologies. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101007006. Visit for more information.

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