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EVILVO (Flanders), as multi-disciplinary independent research institute focussing on sustainable agriculture and fisheries from an economic, ecological and social perspective, designs the multi-actor plan for the project, in consultation with the other RUSTICA partners. The main aim is to consult different types of stakeholders apart from the project partners, to ensure the development of biobased fertilisers that are relevant to the involved regions where RUSTICA plans to establish knowledge exchange networks (Flanders (BE), Almeria (ES), Friuli-Venezia Giulia (IT), Pays de la Loire (FR) and Valle del Cauca (CO)).

The main method of involvement will be through workshops. For each region, at least six workshops with a minimum of 10 participants will be organised in the course of the coming four years (2021-2024). All stakeholders along the value chain, from waste producers, over technology providers, farmer associations, biobased fertiliser producers & users, experts in legal/safety & sustainability analysis, business developers, etc., will be asked to be involved in these workshops. This way, apart from rich knowledge exchange opportunities, also different networking opportunities will be created. Moreover, at least two international workshops (one in Brussels and one in South America) will be organised to discuss with the relevant stakeholders the technical, market, and business solutions RUSTICA proposes.


Stakeholders located in the different regions, but also operating on EU and global level, interested in participating in the RUSTICA project are kindly invited to fill out the expression of interest with their contact information on the RUSTICA website (https://rusticaproject.eu/multi-actor-approach-network/ ). This way, RUSTICA partners can contact these stakeholders to invite them to take part in workshops or other knowledge exchange activities.


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The RUSTICA project aims to foster the technical validation, demonstration and implementation of bio-based fertiliser and soil improvement production techniques focusing on waste from the fruit and vegetable agro-food system to close nutrient cycles on a regional level. An estimated 70 million tonnes of dry matter of field crop residues could be sustainably harvested for valorization. However, 1.5 million tonnes is lost. The project wants to bridge this gap between the nutrient losses in the form of agricultural residues and the nutrient imports in Europe by integrating and demonstrating 6 complementary technologies with high nutrient recovery potential to treat residues from the fruit and vegetable sector. For future information, please visit https://rusticaproject.eu/ very soon.

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