LIFE AgRemSO3il Noticeboard has been installed outside one of the greenhouses in Finca Torre Blanca – Murcia, Spain


The AgRemSO3il noticeboard has been installed outside one of the Finca Torreblanca greenhouses, where some of the implementation actions will be taking place for the following months to come.

Agremsoil Web 34


The noticeboard was designed in a way that it can be moved easily from one place to another so that stakeholders visiting the pilot site or going to the demonstration activities can understand what the AgRemSO3il project is about.

The noticeboard contains general information about the project, the starting and completion dates, and a graphical representation of what the project’s technology will be performing in the soil.


About LIFE+ AgRemSO3il

The LIFE AgRemSO3il pilot project aims to develop new innovative technology, at a large farm-scale, using agrochemical remediation in farm soils by combining solarization and ozonation in situ. This innovative solution involves building new technological applications (giant equipment) and using methods that advance oxidation processes, which are called ozonation and H2O2; or solarization. The project provides a new cost-effective solution for this ongoing, silent problem while supporting the soil's true function as part of the wider ecosystem positively impacting the feed and food products produced, which have consequent effects on human health. The project also plans to integrate into its work Common Agriculture Policy's environmental objectives and promote EU's agriculture and environmental policies.