MIRACLE's Newsletter

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Successful scale-up of microalgae biotechnology requires reduction of production costs and enhancement of the economic output. The overarching objective of the MIRACLES project (2013-2017) was to contribute to this goal via innovation and technology development in algae production and processing and the development of new products. The project results are now available and they show that MIRACLES has successfully developed and demonstrated:

  • technological innovations that contribute to improving cost-effectiveness of algae production, harvesting and processing;
  • multiproduct biorefinery concepts and processes with a profitable business potential;
  • a range of new specialty products for application in food, aquaculture and non-food.

The project has achieved practically all objectives and generated numerous exploitable results, ready for further development and commercialization. This Newsletter presents the scientific and technological progress in the final year of the project and the highlights in the area of product development. Please contact the consortium via one of the contact persons indicated below for more information.In the coming period the project results will be made available in more detail via publications and in the form of a public summary report by the European Commission and via the project website.

Project Coordinator: Hans ReithWageningen University, Agrotechnology& Food Sciences