Proyecto PRODIGIO: Optimización de la bioconversión de biomasa algal en biogás a escala industrial



El 1 de enero de 2021 comenzó el proyecto PRODIGIO, cuyo objetivo principal es desarrollar un modelo que permita predecir el fallo en los procesos biológicos de cultivo de microalgas y digestión anaerobia para producir biogás. El cultivo de microalgas permite recuperar nutrientes de aguas residuales, dando lugar a un agua limpia y a una biomasa algal que puede valorizarse mediante digestión anaerobia en energía (biogás). La optimización de estos procesos promueve el escalado industrial de tecnologías de bajo coste e impacto ambiental para el tratamiento de aguas y la producción de energía renovable.

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About Prodigio Project

PRODIGIO is an EU-funded project that plan to establish a base of knowledge for the development of system failure prediction technologies that increase the performance of microalgae production and anaerobic digestion systems and advance towards more favourable techno-economic, environmental and social performance to achieve more sustainable microalgae biogas. The project aims to decode the triggers, identify early-warnings, define threshold values, and calculate warning times for critical state transitions in bioreactors. The technology behind the project could contribute to increasing resource and energy efficiencies >50% throughout the production chain, which would translate into OPEX savings and GHG emissions reduction. The results of the project will pave the way for moving the entire microalgae biogas production chain efficiently towards its theoretical maximum, enabling the development of a fully integrated and truly sustainable microalgae biogas production industry and contributing to strengthening the EU's leadership in renewable fuel technologies. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101007006. Visit for more information.

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IDConsortium is a consultancy firm founded in Seville, Spain, in 2009 with the aim of helping researchers and businesses to internationalise and showcase their R&D by joining international consortiums to pursue different lines of research, development, and innovation. The firm is an offshoot of IDAction S.L., a company with a wide range of experience in managing R&D, innovation, and investment projects. We help promote clusters and sectorial organizations reach their potential at a national and international level. With our experience and involvement in various international innovation projects, we provide strategic advice in the following areas: Industrial Biotechnology, Advanced production systems in Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture based on Industry 4.0., and Innovative systems while promoting an active, healthy, and sustainable aging. Visit for more information.